3 Key Takeaways from the Insights Association GLC Fall Meeting

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3 Key Takeaways from the Insights Association GLC Fall Meeting

The Insights Association’s Great Lakes Chapter (GLC) held their annual fall meeting last week, and I was there.  Here are the 3 key takeaways I got from the conference:

How you tell the story is almost as important as the information you are presenting:

Megan Peitz of Numerious had a great presentation on conjoint design.  She didn’t talk about storytelling or anything like that, it was actually about conjoint analysis.  It isn’t the most riveting of topics, but her ability to tell stories made her hour-long presentation seem like 15 minutes.  This made me realize that how information (or data) is presented is important, and if you craft the right story, you can make it resonate with your audience a lot more.

Good Data Integration = 360 Insights:

In most organizations, data is coming from a variety of sources – and the only way to get a full picture is to have some sort of data integration in place pulling together all these sources into a single view.  Candace Kolars of the University of Michigan Health System gave a great presentation on the approach her and her team have taken to integrating their data and creating dashboards for gathering insights to help better itself for its patients.

Great customer experience needs data:

It’s the goal of any organization, especially a consumer-focused one, to create a great experience for its customers.  To really know if you are achieving this – you need data.  Shelly Bouren of the Detroit Pistons really drove this point home with an example of how her team is using data to ensure they provide a great customer experience. 

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