Poll Party E3 – Changing of the Guard

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September 3, 2019
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September 6, 2019
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Poll Party E3 – Changing of the Guard

The Poll Party

Welcome back to Poll Party!  On this week’s episode, Adam Dietrich is joined by Adam Jolley and Rory Dineen for a big announcement about the future of Poll Party. 

The team wastes no time getting the announcement.  After that They touch on some of the latest polling news, including an outlier poll released by Monmouth, a discussion on if any Democratic candidate will see a polling spike after the upcoming debate on September 12, and if at this point polling should only be concentrated in the battleground states, or if there still be polls conducted in “decided” states.

The team then discusses the latest Online Poll of the Week, which comes from Morning Consult and their Political Intelligence tracker. 

Throw in a new Mount Rushmore (which ties in nicely to the big announcement) and you have a great episode!

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