10 Market Research Podcasts from 2019 You Need to Hear

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August 1, 2019
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August 7, 2019
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10 Market Research Podcasts from 2019 You Need to Hear

Listening to market research podcasts is a great way to stay informed in a fast-paced industry. From chatting with leaders in the industry to discussing conferences and highlighting game-changing technology, market research podcasts cover a variety of topics–and they’re on the rise. Here we have compiled a list of 10 of the best market research podcasts (in no particular order) from 2019 so far.


Host: Zontziry Johnson

Ep. Insights Industry Vernacular

Host, Z Johnson, talks about stepping away from “client-side” vs. “vendor-side” labels and moving towards “partnership” labels. She touches on responsibilities and expectations for each partner and how this plays into our research projects. 

Ponderings from the Perch

Host: Priscilla McKinney

Ep. Priscilla and Ashley Teach Bots to Chat

Priscilla and guest, Ashley Le Blanc, talk about social media, innovation, chatbots, and other ways bots can automate your strategic engagement. This episode is all about using bots to create the best brand experience for your customers.

Data Gurus

Host: Sima Vasa

Ep. 057 | JD Deitch– Automation, API’s, and More

JD talks about his career transition from research and analytics to revenue functions as well as pursuing hobbies outside of work. He touches on new data such as artificial intelligence and other game-changers in the industry and how they can transform respondent experience and automate our data operations.  

Ep. 052 | Paul Neto– The Value of Blockchain in Market Research

Paul comments on blockchain and the hype surrounding it. He talks about the importance of privacy, compensation, and trust in personal data sovereignty. Paul also touches on long surveys, declining participation, and fraud and how blockchain may be used to alleviate symptoms of a decade-long problem. 

Happy Market Research Podcast

Host: Jamin Brazil 

Ep 213 | Brian Lamar at MRMW

Brian Lamar talks about EMI’s podcast, Intellicast. They touch on the data behind emotional bonds between podcast hosts and listeners, goofing off, building confidence, and tracking data about listeners and sponsors. 

IIeX NA 2019 Conference Series | Patricia Houston at MMR Live 

Patricia talks about improving retail, digital, and physical experience. She touches on changing panels and making studies more strategic to protect respondent bases and looking for new tech partners and “bringing the human back in.” 

Ep 219 | Life Lessons and Market Research Trends 

In this 100th episode, Jamin Brazil (host of Happy Market Research Podcast) is interviewed by Merill Dubrow. They talk about the power of podcasting, intentional networking, entrepreneurial spirit, influential people throughout their careers, how to stay informed in the industry, and what they would tell their younger selves. 


Hosts: Adam Jolley and Brian Lamar of EMI 

S2E21 | Lindsay Zaltman of Olsen Zaltman 

Adam and Brian are joined by Lindsay Zaltman, CEO and Partner at Olson Zaltman. He joins the guys to talk about how he got his start in market research, his involvement in the Advisory Board of the University of Georgia’s Master’s of Marketing Research (MMR) program, and Olson Zaltman’s patented research technique, ZMET (Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique).

S2E22 | The Research Geek, Jake Pryszlack

Joining Adam and Brian in this episode is The Research Geek, Jake Pryszlak. He talks about how he got his start in the market research industry and why he started The Research Geek blog. Jake also talks about how MRxChat, the monthly Twitter chat, got started, and the launch of his new YouTube channel.

S2E23 | The GRIT, Bain, Toluna, and More 

Adam and Brian sit down to discuss some of the top market research news stories, including the Bain acquisition of Kantar, Toluna rolling out Bitcoin as a reward to influencers, the Dynata Marketplace launch, and more. The guys also take a deep dive into the recently released GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Companies report and give their thoughts on it, as well as some opinions on the rankings