Intellicast (S2E13) – David Butler of PureSpectrum

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Intellicast (S2E13) – David Butler of PureSpectrum


Welcome back!  On this week’s episode of Intellicast, Adam and Brian and joined in the studio by David Butler, the Chief Client Officer of PureSpectrum.

The guys talk about the latest in market research news, including the recent Ipsos acquisition, a potential bidder on Kantar, and Kristin Luck’s new venture. 

They then dive into how David got his start in market research, his role at Pure Spectrum, including his new promotion!  They also spend some time discussing the announcement video PureSpectrum put out on April 1 about their new Mars panel. 

You can watch the video here.

The guys also have some fun and discuss David’s music tastes, his biggest source of pride, and a new Mount Rushmore of MRX “Dudes”.

This is a great episode!

You can connect with David on LinkedIn here.

You can learn more about PureSpectrum by visiting there website here.

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