The Top 4 Trends from Quirk’s Brooklyn

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March 7, 2019
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March 12, 2019
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The Top 4 Trends from Quirk’s Brooklyn

Another Quirk’s Brooklyn is in the books!  This year was another great conference that included a great line-up of speakers and topics.  Here are some of the key topic trends we noticed this year:

Agility in Research

Agility, and the ability to be agile with research, was a big topic at Quirk’s Brooklyn.  Whether it was discussing how to implement an agile process; utilizing an agile approach to research in order to ensure quick turn-times on consumer research; or employing an agile system to help get faster insights and improve your business, the ability to be agile will be key for businesses moving forward.

Better Brand Building and Journey Mapping through Better Insights

This year brought a lot of presentations from brands where they talked about their brand building and customer journey mapping and how they effectively utilized market research as an integral part of the process.  Best practices were discussed in how to incorporate different research methodologies and how the insights they provided were utilized and deployed. 

Focus on Millennial and Gen Z

At past conferences, there was always a presentation or two that had a different take on market research and Millennials.  This year’s Quirk’s Event made the discussion of Millennials much more prevalent.  It may be because Millennials are getting older and entering the next stage of life where they are the prime consumer and research participant age, or because they still behave differently than other generations in terms of actions, behaviors, or opinions or it could be a combination of both with other factors, and it led to many great sessions that explored various different facets of Millennials of Generation Z.

The Insights Professional

This year was probably the first year where there was a focus on the insights professional.  What we mean by this is that there were several sessions that discussed what a person in this type of role should be doing to be more effective and how teams can make the difference.  What it really showed was how insights teams can better promote themselves and the value they bring to their organizations.

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