Key Learnings From CRC 2018

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October 17, 2018
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Key Learnings From CRC 2018

The Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) was held in Orlando this year.  With the focus on the corporate side, the event pulls together researchers from many different companies and brands to discuss the latest in market research and insights, as well as best practices.  EMI had a team in Orlando for the event, and found these to be the key learnings:

AI / Machine Learning going Mainstream

There was a lot of discussion about how companies can better utilize Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the market research space to improve efficiency and/or gather better insights.  What many companies talked about was that they were either using, starting to use, or planning to use AI or machine learning, but in the analysis of data.  Many organizations mentioned they believe that by employing machine learning or AI in the analysis of data, they will be able to garner better insights, quicker.

The Demise of Survey Research is Premature

Another big topic of conversation was new research methodologies that companies were employing to gather insight – and what it could mean to survey research.  What we heard was that survey research, while being impacted by the new research methodologies, wasn’t going away – it was changing.  Companies that are trying new ideas don’t see survey research as a need, but as a way to supplement or validate the other research.  They see survey research as the way to get to the Why.

Promote Yourself

While not research-specific, a topic that was talked about a lot was that insights departments need to do a better job of promoting themselves.  Almost all research and insights departments are asked to do more with less, and sometimes their accomplishments are overshadowed.  The departments need to do a better job of marketing their accomplishments to the rest of the organization, and sometimes remind them of the value they bring.

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