When Should My Survey Go Live? Top 3 Considerations

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When Should My Survey Go Live? Top 3 Considerations

When someone is launching a quantitative market research project, they almost always want to launch as soon as it the setup is completed, without regard to any potential factors that could impact the results.

This does not guarantee the best results for your survey. There are several factors to consider when your survey should go live to ensure you get the best results and the most useful responses.


Day of the Week

The day of the week that a survey launches has a massive impact on the response rate and completion of your surveys.  If you are launching a survey targeting B2B respondents, don’t launch on a weekend.  There isn’t a hard and fast rule of the time of day when you should launch though although data suggests Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to launch.  You really need to look at the profile of your targeted respondents and that can help you determine when they will be most engaged.


Target Audience

Survey launches really should consider the target audience of each survey.  There are times of day B2B targets are more willing to open invites and take surveys, and those can be different than traditional end consumers.

You should also consider the demographics and socio-economic factors of your target audience.  If you are targeting an older audience, you might launch during the day, where if you were targeting more of an urban area, you might target early morning.


Length of the Survey

You wouldn’t think that length of a survey would impact when you should launch, but it does.  If you have a long survey that you know will take an extended period of time, you don’t want to launch it during a point of the day your target audience is either unavailable to take surveys or don’t have enough time to complete it. If you have a short survey that may only take a minute or two, you have more flexibility with your launch since your target audience may be willing to take a really short survey.


Overall, when you are getting ready to launch a survey, you need to consider all these factors to ensure you get the best results.  You can either do this yourself, or you can reach out to an expert in surveys and sample, like EMI, who can advise you on the best time to launch.

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