It’s Polling Season

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January 14, 2016
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February 24, 2016
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It’s Polling Season

As the political season heats up, so does the volume of political polls.  You can’t avoid hearing about the latest polls on the news.  At EMI, we support many clients’ polling efforts, with a few of our recent successes described below.   We can find respondents by DMA or age in the US, and we can help support polling needs in other countries as well.

Our core difference is IntelliBlend®, a proprietary process that takes a scientific approach to blending panels, social media, and other sample methodologies to provide a consistent and un-biased solution. This is imperative in political polling, as various online (and offline) sample sources often change in behavior over time which can affect the outcome of the poll.

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Benefits of Polling with EMI:

  • Access to over 20 US sample suppliers
  • Geo-targeting on State, market, county, and zip levels
  • Targeting by political affiliation
  • Blending expertise to minimize single source impact and to increase feasibility
  • Global project management with late, weekend, and extended hours coverage
  • Quick-turn programming of surveys
  • Ability to input media such as videos or other ads for testing

Below are some case studies of political polls we’ve recently completed:

  • US national polls including:
    • 10 polls with over 1,000 completes, some with a 20 min LOI testing various video political ads
    • 3,500 interviews with a 16 min LOI
    • 10 studies among Millennials including over 1,000 interviews with a 20 min LOI
  • Geo-specific targeting
    • 500 interviews in Michigan, 800 in Ohio, 300 in Louisiana, 500 in Kentucky, 300 parents in Tennessee, 600 in North  Carolina, 200 small business owners in Florida, 1200 in California, multiple rounds of 800 in South Carolina, multiple rounds of 300 in New Hampshire
  • International polls including:
    • 1,000+ interviews each in China, Russia, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, and UK within the past month
    • Various polls among students including 400+ in France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, China, and US


If you are looking for assistance in these areas feel free to reach out and contact me!