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November 19, 2013
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July 2, 2014
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New Year’s Revolution

As we start a new year, it is easy to get wrapped up in big plans for 2014, whether they be personal resolutions or new career goals.  Last year was full of mergers and acquisitions, many fresh faces providing exciting new services, and also the development of new technologies to help the industry provide better insights to research purchasers.  At EMI, 2013 was another year of significant growth and development as well.

  • More Insights – In May, we added Brian Lamar and his extensive Market Research knowledge as our first Director of Insights.  Since then, he has spearheaded new safeguards to improve our online panel network, explored new technology and led EMI’s programming and hosting development.
  • More Branding – You may have also noticed EMI’s updated logo and marketing materials that match our company mantra of always remaining on the cutting edge.
  • More Square Feet – Additionally, EMI literally “knocked down walls” and doubled the work space in our corporate headquarters while hiring new team members to better serve our clients.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our plans to serve you better this year.  At EMI, we are dedicated to continuing our outstanding service into 2014:

  • Global Presence – In March 2014, EMI will be opening our first international office in London, United Kingdom.  Our goal is to provide more dedicated support to our clients across Europe while also expanding the time of coverage for our bidding and assistance.
  • Programming and Hosting (in-house) – Since our beginning, EMI has reached out to our network of programming partners to find the best option for client studies.  As the options for programming continued to grow, we decided to license a provider and bring this service in house.    EMI  now offers our clients a fast and cost effective option alongside the numerous options our programming network provides for more complex studies.
  • New Technology – There has been an influx of new offerings in the online research community when it comes to technology.  EMI has always been dedicated to thoroughly assessing and testing any new products or panel sources before offering them to our client base, and that continues today.  Our team has rigorously explored capabilities in routing, social media recruitment and automated sampling over the past few months.  As these technologies continue to mature, EMI has the expertise to guide you through the projects that may be a fit.

These are just a few of our 2014 goals and we certainly hope to help you achieve some of yours!