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July 29, 2013
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Dear Mobile Diary

Dear Fellow Researcher,

Attend any market research conference or read any trade magazine and you’ll see a wave of new products and innovation around the use of mobile technology for research. Initially, most would assume the easiest way to incorporate mobile into our research mix is through quantitative surveys. With the increasing penetration of cell and smartphone ownership worldwide, it is easy to see how a quick survey can be done via mobile phones when it is convenient for the respondents to be ‘in the moment’. On top of that, the ability to use GPS location tracking allows us to obtain real-time feedback and feedback among consumers while in specific retailers, restaurants, etc.

Another powerful way to harness mobile technology is by gathering insights with quantitative and qualitative measurements through mobile diaries. Online diaries have always been a great tool to measure behavior changes over a span of time. Incorporating mobile technology allows these diary “check-ins” to be more in-the-moment, providing more in-depth and holistic view of brand awareness, usage, and attitudes when compared to traditional desktop PC data collection. Additionally respondents can more easily interact with the research process by quickly taking video, uploading photos, or participating in dialogue while on the go.

Perhaps no data collection methodology needs the hands-on attention of diaries. And no sample supplier prides themselves on service quite like EMI. On a global scale, EMI completes mobile diary projects from initial recruit through diary incentive and all the steps in between. Our technology interweaves easy to use recruiting screeners, push notifications to alert diary entries, and the features of geo-location and time stamps that highlight the value of mobile data-collection.

Most importantly, EMI has the ability to conduct mobile diaries in the EU, APAC, and Latin American regions so do not think of this tool for US only. As more markets emerge, our goal is to reach respondents previously off the grid for market research. Contact EMI today to see how we can expand your reach with global mobile diaries.


The EMI Team