Preparing for the Home Stretch

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May 1, 2013
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October 15, 2013
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Preparing for the Home Stretch

Dear Fellow Researcher,

Believe it or not, we are already more than halfway through the 2013 calendar year.  For some major market research end clients like Procter & Gamble or Cisco, it’s a fresh start in a new fiscal year.  For others, it is a good reminder of the annual goals that were set last winter.  Whatever your situation may be, July can serve as an opportunity to measure progress and explore opportunities to meet and exceed our goals for the remainder of 2013.

While reviewing our midyear reports, EMI found one area that has been a major area of growth for our clients: International B2B research.  In comparison to the first six months of 2012, our 2013 Global B2B projects have increased by more than 35%!  What is responsible for the sudden uptick?

  • Better Profiling – At EMI, we prefer to partner with “glocal” panels that offer the unique insights and recruiting capabilities provided by having an office and infrastructure in the markets we serve.  This model has given EMI’s clients the competitive advantage of reaching new respondents in over 60 countries.  With this vast network also come a wide variety of targeting capabilities.  Over the past few years, EMI has worked to improve the profiling points of our international partners and expand the ability to target vital B2B respondents such as IT Decision Makers, Business Decision Makers and Company Sizes in new markets.
  • Network Growth – Our clients continue to challenge us with new requests for tougher targets and even more emerging markets. Trying to meet these needs is the primary way we determine what direction our network growth needs to go. Thus far in 2013 we have assessed over 20 new international panels and will continue to dig under rocks to find the latest and greatest in sampling solutions (including mobile!).
  • Increased Security – We know the worry that comes from performing highly-incentivized B2B research in countries that are thousands of miles away.  Over our 14 years in business, EMI has assessed over 300 panels across the globe.  Our market knowledge and rigorous partnership investigation process have weeded out over 70% of the panels that we have explored – making sure only high quality, reliable sources are sending to your studies.  Additionally, all of EMI’s projects run through our proprietary SWIFT Dashboard that digitally fingerprints survey respondents on 16 unique attributes to prevent fraudulent respondents and eliminate duplication.

Here are some recent International B2B projects that EMI has fielded over the start of 2013:

  • Targeting ITDMs in companies with 100+ employees in 18 markets such as Mexico, Brazil, the Netherlands, South Korea and Turkey
  • Business decision makers in manufacturing and engineering in China, EU, and India in companies with 250+ employees
  • Public Sector IT Decision Makers EU and BRIC

If you are looking to make a difference in your business and your clients’ in the second half of 2013, please reach out to EMI and explore a new B2B world without borders.


The EMI Team