We’ve got the need for speed

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April 3, 2013
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We’ve got the need for speed

Dear Fellow Researcher,

We are surrounded by SPEED in today’s world. Whether it is the fastest internet, car, smartphone, or oil change, being the quickest is often synonymous with being the best for the consumer. In the Market Research world there is a constant struggle to deliver the best quality, in the fastest amount of time, with the most representative data, for the lowest price. The saying goes “We can be good, fast, or cheap, pick two”, but at EMI we strive to say “PICK THREE”!

EMI now offers “SpeedPlay,” an overnight fielding option for US studies.  SpeedPlay utilizes the breadth of EMI’s network to drive maximum respondents to studies as well as flexing the muscles of our project management and technology with our SWIFT Dashboard.

What types of studies are good for SpeedPlay?
  • 12 hour field time (or less)
  • N=1,000 completes (or less)
  • Survey length 20 minutes (or less)
  • Incidence = 40% (or higher)
  • Geography: US nationwide
  • Must receive final survey url and screener by 6pm EST

*Important: EMI can offer similar rapid fielding solutions globally depending on the specifications of your project, so please inquire for details and pricing. We offer 24/7 coverage, field challenging quotas over the weekend, and set up and launch within minutes (not hours) on a regular basis.

SpeedPlay is not going to be the answer for all studies, but we hope that it can fill the need to deliver rapid concept, pricing, or ad testing to a client in the same day or overnight.  For your next “RUSH” project, contact EMI to see if SpeedPlay can be a fit for your success.


The EMI Team