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Generation Why?
Millenials: the latest hot topic in the market research industry is all about how those aged 18-34 are so different from other age groups, understanding their online behaviors, uncovering hot to reach and market to them, etc. Read Full Article 

Respondent Quality – We are in this together!
EMI’s top priority is deliver the highest quality respondents available to meet our clients’ needs on every study. Click here for our best practices and recommendations. Read Full Article

IntelliBlend® – How to properly aggregate panels
Like most researchers, you’ve spent time investigating the differences in survey data from on wave to the next. You reviewed demographic data or event attitudinal behavioral data to see why these differences exist. Keeping your sample consistent from wave to wave is ideal, but can be challenging in our world of low incidence studies, higher base sizes, hard to find targets, etc. Read Full Article

Mobile Compatibility #2  – Behavioral impact of not allowing devices?
Excluding mobile devices has an impact on study demographics:  mobile respondents are more likely to be younger and non-white.  Perhaps more importantly, excluding mobile respondents eliminates those that have different behaviors than their desktop/laptop counterparts.  Read Full Article 

Mobile Compatibility – Are you listening to your respondents?
Can listening to your respondents improve your feasibility, representivity, and help fill those tough quotas? EMI recently conducted a study among 5,800+ respondents across 23 sample partners, looking into survey device usage by respondents.  We are aware that a lot of clients do not allow certain device types for a variety of reasons:  survey is too long, too many grids, concern about images or video quality, etc.  While some of these may be legitimate reasons to exclude devices, we need to have a good understanding of the potential impact of blocking mobile devices.  Read Full Article

Release the Insights – EMI’s Panel Book is Here!
EMI is proud to announce the release of its 2014 Global Panel Book. We encourage our clients and prospective clients to download it to better understand our unique business model as a high-quality sample provider, see how far our reach extends for online sample, view our specific targeting and profile points, and gain insight into our recommended best practices for conducting online research within established versus emerging markets. Download EMI Panel Book

Sample Blending – Where Art and Science Meet
At EMI, we believe several parallels exist among proper Sample and Scotch blending. Both require a bit of an art and a science, and EMI is confident that its IntelliBlend is “top-shelf” when it comes to providing researchers with the most accurate and representative data for making the best business decision. Read Full Article

New Year’s Revolution
It’s easy to get wrapped up in big resolutions and goals for the fresh New Year. While we certainly rang in 2014 with excitement, we also took the time to look at how significant 2013 was to EMI’s growth and development. Read Full Article

What is the Incidence
“Incidence Rate…” It’s a common term in our industry, but do you know just how important it is in our bidding process? We run incidence checks on behalf of our clients to make certain we bid accurately and deliver the best sample possible. For this Data Dash, we also ran some checks just for fun—can you guess which of their senses most people would give up if they had to give up one? Read Full Article

Dear Mobile Diary
No, we’re not talking about a digital page of secrets, hopes, and dreams. We’re talking about the powerful way to engage respondents with your focus of study in live time, using mobile technologies such as geo-location, time stamps, and push notifications. EMI can expand your reach with global mobile diaries. Read Full Article

Preparing for the Home Stretch
International B2B research has proven a major area of growth for our clients and, in turn, EMI’s global B2B projects have increased substantially. We’ve identified three main reasons for this sudden uptick and reflected on how we are able meet our clients’ international B2B research needs. Read Full Article

We’ve Got the Need For Speed
Have a “rush” project you’re worried you won’t complete within such a short timeframe? Don’t worry! EMI is here to help with “SpeedPlay,” an overnight fielding option for US studies. Just click to see if it’s the solution you’ve been looking for! Read Full Article

What’s Your Status? – EMI’s Social Media Sampling
We’re all engaged with social media these days, but did you know that EMI can include it as a part of your sample blend to access more respondents? When looking to target harder to reach groups, social media recruits can be just what your survey needs. Read Full Article

B2B Pole To Pole
Finding respondents in the B2B vertical can be challenging, especially internationally. EMI, however, has been able to complete a multitude of studies for difficult to reach international B2B respondents through our network of vetted panels. We can find that needle in the global haystack for you. Read Full Article

Toys Surveys R Us – How To Reach Kids in Research
Youth have become an integral part of consumer research, but getting survey responses from youngster groups can prove difficult at times. This is where we can come in to help! EMI has assisted numerous toy companies, TV networks, FMCG companies, and countless other firms garner insights from kids 12 years and under, teens aged 13-17, and young adults/college students through our knowledge of how to best target these segments. Read Full Article

Research Resolutions for 2013
Some of the most common New Year resolutions are “lose weight,” “learn something new,” “exercise,” “consume less,” and “volunteer.” These certainly can have positive impact on your personal life, but did you know they can also have a positive impact on your professional life as well? As 2013 begins, we’ve taken the time to reflect on these resolutions and how they correlate with the market research industry. Read Full Article